Mega Coins Earning.

SwiftTrade Company provides a mega coins earning investment via real life coins trading in cryptocurrency blockchain. Much like MLM trading schemes, every users earning via mega coins trading in activating their users Account with a minimum stipulated coins of your initials.

Digital Coins

Digital coins uses proof-of-Work (PoW), it is an algorithm used to confirm transactions and produce and add new blocks to the blockchain.

SwiftTrade Coins

This process of verifying and recording transactions is known as mining. By using the blockchain, swifttrade users can send and receive payments at a lower cost.


Mining requires specialized equipment, skills and time. This type of extraction consists of solving complex algorithmic problems by means of hardware.

How to Trade Trading swiftcoins

Trading in this platform involves the special use of swiftcoins to trade and earn mega coins. In real live coins, you convert or swap your cryptocurrency for swiftcoins for easy trading. Live earning dashboard is activated via your OTP confirmation email.

SwiftTrade Latest Features

Cryptocurrencies are a digital representation of value considered by their holders as a means of payment. They owe their high popularity to aspects which traditional currencies lack.

Fast Processing

Holders can use their cryptocurrencies through the rapidly developing tools and services. Converting and exchanging cryptocurrencies into dollars or euros is now possible. These currencies can be funded directly from the cryptocurrency wallet through solutions that enable conversion and exchange.

Sending cryptocurrencies

The method of cryptocurrency transmission differs significantly from that of traditional currencies. The institutional model relies on banking systems, e.g. incoming and outgoing sessions in the recipient and sender countries. Virtual currency transfers are independent of the user's location and the process is almost immediate.

High Security

Cryptocurrencies can be stored in special virtual wallets, secured with a private key. This means that only the holder has access to the accumulated funds. In order to increase security, the virtual currency owner should incorporate encryption technology on their storage devices.

Regular Updates

There are no authorities controlling cryptocurrency flow or quotations. Virtual currency trading is not located in one single place. This prevents trading disruptions after hacking attempts. Transaction data is dispersed across the network as it is stored directly by cryptocurrency holders.

Save Money

Transactions are tied to a random sequence of characters and not to the owners identity, including personal or company data. The popularity of some virtual currencies indicates the scale of demand and supply. It is practically impossible to link contracts with people or companies.

Unlimited Storage

Escrow is a legal agreement between two parties that is used to protect the interests of both parties. It is a way to facilitate the secure exchange of goods or services. In an escrow agreement, a third party holds onto the property or money until both parties fulfill their obligations in the agreement.

We provide high quality Team Support.

SwiftTrade provides 24/7 support team services and free consultation to users all around the world with our user Friendly live dashboard.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cryptocurrency?

The first and obvious addition among cryptocurrency FAQs would turn the emphasis towards definition of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is basically a digital form of currency with the support of cryptographic security for conducting trusted transactions. The underlying technology which runs cryptocurrencies is blockchain, and it offers a ledger for documenting all transactions.

What is blockchain?

You could not find any list of cryptocurrency questions for beginners without the mention of blockchain. The first-ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is the first successful implementation of blockchain in the real world. Blockchain technology is basically a transparent, publicly accessible, trustless, and secure ledger.

How do cryptocurrencies work?

The working of cryptocurrencies is also a common highlight in cryptocurrency questions and answers for beginners. Popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin work by using three basic pieces of information. The first important aspect in the working of cryptocurrencies is the address related to a specific account. The second important piece of information is the balance you would use for sending and receiving funds.

Is it reasonable to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Investment in cryptocurrencies is also one of the notable highlights in cryptocurrency FAQs, especially for beginners. If you want to find out whether cryptocurrencies are a good investment, then you should definitely know that they are volatile. Cryptocurrencies do not generate any cash flow like real currencies and are not stable. A currency should have stability which could help merchants and consumers in deciding the fair price for goods.

Who controls cryptocurrencies?

The commonly asked cryptocurrency questions for beginners would also point towards the implication of control and ownership of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain does not allocate control to a single entity in the case of cryptocurrencies. However, the creators or developers of cryptocurrencies can set specific parameters such as rules for purchasing or selling cryptocurrency. .

How can I start investing in cryptocurrencies?

You could also have some of the best questions about crypto dealing directly with investment in cryptocurrencies. Beginners have doubts regarding the best practices for investing in cryptocurrencies and need the best practices for doing the same. You can take the example of Bitcoin and start investing by joining a Bitcoin exchange and obtaining a wallet.

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